Any business in any niche market that is not building a list is simply leaving money on the table.

I am sure you have heard the phrase “The money is in the list” before.

So the next question is, “How do I get started building my list?”.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an auto-responder platform; the best platform at this time is Aweber. They allow a $1 – 30 day trial the best in the business; granted your trial account has limitations so when you capture over 100 subscribers you won’t be able to mail them till you upgrade to the first tier pricing.

Once you have your Aweber account the next step is to set up your lists inside aweber to be able to generate web forms that you will then use to place on your squeeze page. Squeeze pages are used to capture new subscribers in your niche market. The term “Squeeze” means that the page only offers two options;

1. Opt-in to your list to gain access to what ever it is you are offering,

2. Leave your page.

Well constructed squeeze pages always offer HIGH VALUE. Some examples are; Free Ebook, Free Training, Free Coaching Email Follow Up Series, Free Video Teaching Important Tricks/Tips, and Resource/Tools Page.

Here is an example of a well constructed squeeze page:


Here is an example of a poorly constructed squeeze page:



Once you have your squeeze page completed and tested (meaning you Opt’d into it yourself to ensure you are successfully capturing new subscribers into your Aweber account and your new subscribers are landing on the page you specified after Opt-in) you are ready for the next step; sending traffic to your squeeze page.